There are many insurance policies out there that cover various different aspects of a company’s operations. From the outside, you’d expect that generic business insurance would be enough, but there are so many things to guard against. For instance, some of these policies protect employees and third parties in the case of an accident. Others […]

Customer perception can impact a business in ways that are hard to measure. That’s why business owners need to understand how their target customer base perceives their brand. Small business owners in particular need to be aware of the effect a brand has on consumers. A company’s brand has to do with the association of

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The insurance industry might seem like a business built on speculation and scare tactics. Homeowners, drivers, and people with children – to name only a few categories – all purchase insurance in order to stave off the perils of a rainy day. But it can feel as if that day might never come. Income protection

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As a business owner, personal preferences are what you built your company on. They’ve made a big difference in your type of business, what your workflow is like, and the original conception of your small business. However, there comes a point when you spend less time on the needs of the small business owner, you,

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Working from home has created unique challenges in everyone’s lives. The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of workers into battling with the comforts of a home against the productivity that they strive for in their office space. But working from home doesn’t have to be a slog. In fact, many workers find themselves getting more

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New homeowners may face intense difficulties in their first year or two living in their own home. Many new homeowners think that the changeover from renting to owning is a cakewalk, but the reality is there are a number of new responsibilities that come along with homeownership that a renter simply doesn’t have to worry

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When you start a business at home, you are eliminating the overhead costs of an office or facility, but you are taking on the burden of your work and home life constantly overlapping. It may also feel impossible to scale your business while running it from home, but it’s not impossible. You may not be

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Workers’ compensation (also called workers’ comp or workman’s compensation) is a program that provides monetary benefits to workers who have been injured on the job, become ill, or who are otherwise unable to return to their jobs. It shouldn’t be confused with unemployment benefits or disability insurance. Workers’ comp exists to protect both employees and

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Although the pandemic has threatened the restaurant industry mightily, restaurants have also been a beacon of normalcy and comfort for many consumers during 2020. As such, more and more entrepreneurs are considering the ways in which they might go about entering into the restaurant industry. While the restaurant business certainly has tight profit margins, with

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