3 Ways Schools Can Better Serve Students

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It’s no doubt that our school systems in the United States need to be reformed to capture various vulnerabilities that continue to lurk in these institutions. For instance, cafeteria services should be updated to include more nutritious foods in our children’s diets. Additionally, our school districts should be well-equipped to handle any catastrophe to prevent tragedies inside the school premises. There are many measures each school administration can take to ensure the safety and service of their students.

1. Install video security cameras throughout the campus and classrooms.


School districts need to prepare themselves for any imminent attacks on the student body, such as school shootings or kidnappings. These misfortunes can be prevented with the help of technology such as the best security system for schools, Verkada. Verkada offers schools and other public and private establishments the chance to reduce their instances of vandalism, intruders, and school shootings on the premises—from the parking lot to the hallways leading into each classroom.

This security system can help school systems increase the chances of early and live detection thanks to its AI sensor-like features that can detect any unusual sightings and provide proactive alerts. The security cameras can also be accessed remotely on mobile devices thanks to its cloud-based technology. Additionally, they have built-in storage and unlimited cloud archiving for redundancy and enhanced safety.

2. Add access control measures to all vehicular entrances to increase security.


Another way in which schools can better serve their students is by implementing hefty parking lot security measures. This can be done by having more security guards patrolling the area at all times. This can also be achieved by implementing AI technology that could help detect any unknown vehicles or people entering the premises. This can be implemented in all of the school’s designated entry points and exit areas.

Verkada also offers this service with its cloud-based security systems. Staff members and students can rest assured that any intruder can be found immediately. Their security cameras have advanced AI technology that will help detect a person of interest by appearances and clothing. Additionally, they can help detect vehicles by colors, body type, and make, thus increasing awareness of the influx of people and vehicles in the school. Verkada also offers access control systems that work with Bluetooth technology for vehicles, buildings, and rooms.

3. Invest in alarms to better organize the student body.


Whether it’s a public school or a collaborative charter academy, all schools need to keep their students safe. Many schools in the United States are ill-equipped to face threats against the staff members and student body. Proper measures like alarm systems, which could alert students to prepare themselves, can save lives. Specific alarms can denote specific situations. Just as cities have tornado and tsunami alarms, school administrators should apply the same logic in their school premises.

The alarm systems offered by Verkada can be added to the pre-existing security system on the premise. They come with a panel that alerts students of different threats with designated strobe lights and sounds. It also comes with a console to monitor activity, deactivate security systems, conduct video calls, and view a live feed of the security cameras as well as historical data. Verkada also offers a 24/7 monitoring service to assess threats and flag false warnings. The agents can also communicate with the emergency contacts in the school via SMS if an alarm is triggered to ensure their safety and contact law enforcement if necessary.

There are many options to prevent tragedies from happening in our schools, and Verkada’s security system services are by far the most accessible and necessary to keep our students safe.