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Working for Change

Our Story

Working for Change was originally founded in 2011 as a local non-profit serving Providence, Rhode Island. After years of working for local communities in need, our founders saw the way the market and world was changing and decided that there has to be a better way. We embarked on a journey of digitization and online publication in 2016. We are innovators at heart. For years we’ve been building and investing in our mission. It’s our revolutionary digital non-profit publication that is transforming the non-profit and publication world, by helping us deliver a better experience for our readers and communities.

From humble beginnings to strong roots, we grew from just 12 employees to become a nationwide leader in just 10 years. While we experienced significant growth, we knew that in order to stay relevant in a changing world, we had to diversify and digitize. In 2016, it became clear that we needed a new identity to match our modern way of thinking about changing business for the better. So we launched this online publication, and provided materials to better serve our partners and our communities. We continue to innovate and grow, adding new team members and spreading our reach nationwide.

We believe in a better way of doing things.

That’s why since 2016, Working For Change has focused on bringing readers the very best in news and innovative services across multiple fields and platforms that impact our community. We highlight impactful news in business, law, lifestyle, self wellness, as well as universal advice for how to create lasting change in the way we all live. We spotlight businesses who create life-changing products and methods of living. We champion impact-investing and are always looking for the next products, services, methods, and people who want to change the world.