How to Use Canvas Prints to Liven Up Your Walls

a group of plants and objects

Whether you’re moving into a new place or simply looking to liven up your current space, the way you decorate your home is more important than you might realize. Your home’s decor can influence your mood and productivity, but it can also be a perfect way to express yourself. The decor you choose reflects your personality and interests, so ensuring that you love the decor you choose will bring you comfort, inspiration, and peace.


One great way to add variety to your home decor while keeping things neutral and timeless as a whole is by utilizing canvas prints. Not only are there many different ways to showcase canvases, but they’re also ideal for showing off favorite memories and supporting local artists. While some people choose to keep their decor uniform and only use canvas with other canvas, it is also a great opportunity to mix your decor style with different materials and frame options.

If you’re looking for a way to get creative with canvas, are some ways that you can use canvases to add personal touches to your living space.

Create a gallery.


Creating a canvas gallery is a fun way to display art or photographs in a variety of sizes without utilizing your typical picture frames. Photo canvas is super durable, so if you want to change up your collage as time goes on, you run less of a risk of damaging your prints. A gallery also gives you a chance to blend family portraits or special memories with complementary art or other decor pieces without appearing cluttered or over the top.

Galleries are great because you can create a look around a single image or mix different styles completely. The location of a gallery or a collage can also change depending on your needs or space—whether you have a dedicated statement wall or only have room above your mantle or along your stairs.

Choose a statement piece.

If your style leans on the side of minimalism, but you still want decor that pops, a large canvas print that brings together the rest of your color scheme can bring a room together while still maintaining a neutral theme. Adding a wooden frame can highlight your print and add a touch of personality without overdoing it. On the other hand, choosing a large canvas print as the focal point of your decor is a wonderful way to display original artwork, a custom canvas print, or a matching canvas set. This is the perfect way to optimize a small space while still adding personality to your decor.

Decorate your shelves.


If you’re low on wall space or live in a rental where you’re not allowed to hang things, shelves and counters are great places to display art and photo gifts. If you’ve got shelf space to fill, but you’ve adopted all of the plant babies your inner gardener can handle, consider adding a canvas print or two into the mix. Prints on shelves are usually smaller and can include a wooden frame if that ties well into your theme. Unlike wall art, photo prints and small canvases don’t have to make a bold statement—they can be simple complementary pieces if that suits your style.

Ensuring that you have the right size print is important, and even though these prints tend to be smaller, the photograph quality matters as well. If you are creating prints of your own photos, be sure to check that you’re using high image quality and look around for the best prices.

Whether you’re looking to show off your favorite images in a new way or you want to show off your style without going over the top, canvas art is a great way to keep your decor timeless and varied, and its versatility means that your decorating possibilities are endless!