Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Peaceful

a person sitting on a couch with a laptop

After a long day of work, errands, or caring for your friends and family, few things are as enticing as a peaceful night or weekend at home. Spending some time with your beloved pet or breathing in your favorite essential oils is, for many people, the epitome of relaxation. But, if your home feels cluttered, negative, or otherwise less-than-peaceful, you may want to spend time creating the zen space of your dreams to find that calm warmth you’re dreaming of as you walk through your own front door.

Declutter and organize your space.


As you set out to make your home a more peaceful, welcoming place, your first step should be to clean, purge, and tidy the house and everything in it. If you’re surrounded by clutter or other items that cause you to stress, no amount of lavender-scented candles will bring you the peace you’re seeking. Spend some time tossing, donating, or finding homes for the clutter that’s taking up space in your home to make room for peace.

Adopt a pet.


If you’re able, adopting a pet can be a great way to bring a little more zen to your home and everyday life. Spend some time researching the best species for you and your family to make sure you and the animal will be able to enjoy that peace. Reptiles like a leopard gecko or bearded dragon can embrace the zen space of their own habitat and, by extension, share that sense of calm with you. Buy dubia roaches for a nutritious, low-stress way to keep your lizard or other reptile or amphibian happy and healthy‚Äîletting you enjoy the stress relief and other benefits that come with pet ownership.

Emphasize what makes you happy.


Whether it’s looking at your lizard, showcasing your collection of porcelain figurines, or resting on your most comfortable pillows, everyone has something that brings them particular joy. If a bouquet of fresh flowers will bring a smile to your face, pick out a few vases and keep them stocked with your favorite bloom. If you cherish the dishes, your grandmother passed on to you, give yourself permission to use and enjoy them. Focus on your favorite things in your home for an instant dose of comfort each time you see or use those items.

Embrace holistic living.


For many people, alternative remedies and mindsets are key to their plan to create a zen oasis in their homes. Some people may swear by crystals and candles, while others claim that feng shui, minimalism, or another lifestyle approach make the greatest difference in creating a sense of calm. Still, others insist that adding greenery and other natural elements like a fountain can bring a particular sense of peace. Scroll through Pinterest or your favorite website and see what ideas strike you as perfectly peaceful.

Replicate your favorite places.


Think back through your life and envision the places that have brought you the most peace and joy. Maybe it’s the spa or your family’s vacation home growing up. How can you bring even a small amount of that feeling into your own home? Add some essential oils and soothing sounds to your tub and rest in the bath. Create a seating area in your backyard to reenact childhood summers spent lakeside. You might not be able to spend all of your time in these places, but you can bring a bit of those places into space where you spend most of your time.

Creating your own space of peace and zen is a personal process, but a few tips hold whatever your preference. Whether you’re adding a reptile to the family, taking advantage of a more holistic lifestyle, or adding a bowl of crystals to your bathroom counter, it may take some experimenting to find the best way for you to embrace this sense of calm at home. Once you’ve found it, though, your biggest problem might just be convincing yourself to leave.