Totally-Worth-It Online Classes for Mid-Career Professionals

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If you’re in the mid-career stages, finding opportunities to further your education and expand your skillset may seem difficult. That’s why taking an online course can be so beneficial. Online courses give you added flexibility as long as you complete them in a timely manner. They can also serve as an excellent skills test. Here are some online courses you should have on your list to strengthen your competencies.


Take an ACLS class

ACLS (advanced cardiovascular life support) is a great option for healthcare professionals as well as those in other fields. ACLS certification can be acquired through an online course but it’s always good to research the instructor beforehand. A good instructor can make or break your engagement with the course. If you’d prefer to visit an advance cardiac life support training center, it’s typically as simple as Googling “ACLS certification near me.” However, online ACLS certification works, too, and you’ll even get a course completion card. Keep in mind that, over time, you may need to take a recertification course.

Learn all about taxes

From sales tax to tax returns, there’s plenty to learn about in the world of tax compliance and state tax laws. Plus, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) also has a number of taxpayer guidelines to learn. While you could go to an in-person class at a tax compliance office, learning about the different tax types and state tax compliance information can just as easily be done online. You could devote hours of your time learning about different tax issues by jurisdiction. Especially if you’re good with numbers, learning about tax types can be a great way to give yourself a bit of a skills test.

Learn CPR

You don’t have to be a paramedic to benefit from learning CPR. The American Heart Association offers online BLS (basic life support) classes. A CPR class will teach you the fundamentals of basic life support as well as some other handy first aid tips. Being CPR certified by the American Heart Association may seem like it’s only important for medical professionals, but you’d be surprised how valuable some first aid knowledge can be in almost every industry. Depending on the course, you may have to take a written exam to receive your certificate. However, some courses offer a certificate of completion instead.

Take a productivity course

If an American Heart Association ACLS certification course or CPR class doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you should direct your efforts toward improving your skills in your current field. A productivity course can help you strengthen your work ethic and work as a great skills test for identifying your general strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Your local university community may even offer an online productivity course. Do some research to find what would work best for you.

A PALS course

PALS, or pediatric advanced life support, is an important skill for many medical professionals. You learn about arrhythmia recognition, airway management, and when healthcare providers should use an AED. A certificate of completion for a PALS course looks excellent on most resumes and an online PALS class allows you the freedom to complete the course on your own time. An advance cardiac life support instructor can help you learn the ins and outs of everything concerning pediatric health and well-being. If you’re looking to improve your resume and acquire a new skill set, this is the course for you.

Of course, there are dozens, if not hundreds, more courses that you can take to reinvigorate your mid-career stage. Whether you’re taking a skills test or acquiring new knowledge, pursuing further education looks great to prospective employers and helps sharpen your mind.