Sustainability: Good for Business, Great for the World

a hand holding a bag of cannabis

Sustainability has become a key driving factor of consumer behavior, especially in younger generations. A recent study showed that it’s the primary factor in millennial decision making and that millennials are more than twice as likely as their parents to seek out businesses that align with their values.

Is sustainability a trend or is it here to stay? Some businesses have quickly capitalized on this move towards more sustainable products and services. Burger King offers a plant-based whopper and saw sales increase dramatically as consumers sought out more eco-friendly dining options. Many other sectors are recognizing the economic potential of “going green” and are rolling out new sustainable product lines, reducing energy consumption, banning single-use plastics and more. Some businesses are choosing a short-cut and “green-washing” their brand but it’s a big reputation risk as younger consumers are likely to catch on.

Offsetting carbon emissions is one innovative way to help the environment and engage your customers in an exciting journey towards sustainability. Donating to organizations that offset your carbon emissions by planting trees, creating sustainable housing structures, etc can be an excellent way to create a buzz around the steps your company is taking to take care of the earth. Consumers are looking for brands to become lifetime fans of and it’s important to make sure your brand is strategically aligned with their values.

Creating packaging and products from recycled materials, moving away from animal-based products, and off-setting carbon emissions are just some of the ways your business can be kind to both the earth and your long term bottom-line.