Should You Adopt or Buy a Dog

two dogs lying down

Dogs are one of the most popular pets worldwide. They are ideal companions and they can also provide security for your home. Getting a new dog is a big decision that starts with deciding where to get your dog from. Thousands of dogs and puppies are available for adoption every year, while other dogs are available for sale. It’s important to think about the advantages of both options before choosing whether to buy or adopt.

You Can Adopt a Puppy

You might want to get a puppy because they’re cute and starting with a puppy ensures you know your pet’s history. You don’t have to buy your dog to get a puppy, though. Many rescues have puppies available. A pregnant dog may in need of a new home if their owner passes away. An abandoned dog may deliver puppies while with a foster family, and the rescue will then put the puppies up for adoption when they’re old enough. There are many reasons why puppies can be available through a rescue shelter, and working with a rescue shelter can ensure that you have dogs of all ages to choose from. 

Consider the Cost

Often, it’s possible to adopt a dog for less than $300. When you work with a rescue the money you spend on adoption fees covers their veterinary care received, and usually includes the cost of spaying or neutering your pet. It’s also nice to know that your new dog has seen a vet and been given a clean bill of health. Any surplus money from your adoption fees that wasn’t needed to cover their food and veterinary care is invested in other dogs the rescue is caring for. This ensures that the rescue is able to continue looking after other homeless dogs until they find a new family.

Consider the Breeder’s Certification

Buying from a breeder has specific advantages. Breeders can be certified, which means that they meet high standards and produce healthy puppies that meet the breed standards. You may want to know the specific breed you’re getting because you want to know your dog’s temperament and physical characteristics. You can also research a breeder to see if people who buy puppies from them have been satisfied. If your dog develops a health issue there’s also a good chance the breeder will work with you to cover vet costs or even replace your dog. 

Investigate Sellers and Rescue Shelters

You can be confident in your decision if you do some research before buying or rescuing a dog. Make sure that the rescue you work with is recognized as an official rescue. This ensures that they are following specific guidelines and providing excellent care to the dogs they work with. You should also investigate any seller before purchasing a puppy. Make sure you see the parents if you’re buying a puppy. Inspect the housing conditions. Many puppies come from puppy mills and have serious health issues. If a dog seller refuses to let you see their kennels you shouldn’t buy from them.

Educate Yourself 

There is a wide range of both health insurance and pet insurance plans to choose from that can help cover the costs of vet visits and health issues. There are also some breed-specific issues to consider when choosing your new companion. For example, it’s common for dogs with short snouts to have breathing issues. Other breeds are at risk of hip displacement. Whatever you decide, be sure to ensure your new dog. Compare pet insurance with iSelect Pet Insurance to make sure you get the coverage that you need. Investing in your dog’s health care can ensure that you have a happy, healthy companion for many years to come.

Consider the Unexpected
There may be some specific things you need to do to keep your pet safe. It may be necessary to install a fence to keep your dog away from busy roads. If you do not have a large yard you may want to socialize your dog at a local dog park. It’s a good idea to investigate options, learn dog park etiquette, and invest in training before venturing to a dog park. You may also want to consider dog daycare if you work outside your home regularly. There are also predators that dog owners may need to consider. Dogs may be vulnerable to coyote attacks. One way to protect your pet is to invest in coyote removal.