Parking Laws Around Australia

aerial view of a city

Every country has different rules when it comes to driving, and no type of regulation can be more impactful than having to deal with various parking laws from city to city. Beyond being hard to keep track of, parking laws and the tickets that come with infractions can add up and take a lot of money out of your monthly budget.

If you’ve just visited a Nissan dealer in Caboolture and are eager to drive your new Altima or LEAF around town, make sure to reference this guide of parking laws around Australia first. You may be surprised by some of the different parking laws, so it’s best to refresh your memory if you haven’t taken a written driving exam in a few years.

Park appropriately in New South Wales

When it comes to parking fines, NSW is one of the most egregious places to receive a ticket. As a result, it’s a good idea to park very carefully when you’re visiting this area of Australia, especially because these rules apply to any parked vehicle, regardless of whether or not you’re still in it. Be careful around bus stops, since if you’re within the range of 20 meters before or 10 meters past a bus stop, you are breaking the law.

That same range of meters also applies to anyone parking near a pedestrian crossing. When you’re parking, unless you’re parking in an angled spot, you also should make sure that you leave a meter between the car in front and in back of you. As a general rule, it’s also best to just avoid parking near Australian post boxes, as well as fire hydrants, since if you’re within one or three meters from them, respectively, you risk getting a ticket.

Understand the rules in Victoria

While the fines are a little less expensive than in New South Wales, it’s just as important to follow the rules in order to avoid costly tickets when you visit Victoria. If you’re near a foot or bicycle crossing, make sure that you aren’t parking anywhere between three meters after or ten meters before the crossing. You also can’t park your vehicle within twenty meters on either side of a traffic light, so be wary anytime you need to park in a spot that’s close to a traffic light.

While you can’t park within a meter of another car, just like in New South Wales, one unique aspect of parking in Victoria is being sure that you are leaving at least three meters for other vehicles to get around you. In fact, being aware of how your car could affect traffic flow is an important aspect of parking anywhere in Victoria, since you also can’t park somewhere that obstructs somewhere pedestrians may need to walk, too. With so many guidelines to keep in mind, it’s a good idea to always pay attention to your surroundings when you’re visiting Victoria.

As you can see, parking laws vary from region to region in Australia, so it’s always a good idea to brush up on the parking regulations in the city you plan on visiting before you drive there. It’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with about how much space one, three, five, and ten meters is in relation to your car so that you can eyeball distances when you’re parking around town. Another thing you’ll want to do before traveling is to get the best automotive insurance for your vehicle.

While auto insurance won’t cover fees from parking infractions, it will help to cover any other bumps or dings your car may receive while you’re parked. If you want the best coverage possible for your new Nissan, compare Car Insurance quotes with iSelect.