How Do I Get Started in the Automotive Industry?

a black car in a garage

The automotive industry is full of potential for newcomers. From diesel mechanics to service technicians to dealers and beyond, there’s plenty of room for new talent in the industry. Whether you’re looking to pursue your Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technician Status or are looking for smart methods of car shipping and auto transport for a dealership, there are lots of great ways to get your start and also get some work experience under your belt.

Think About Vehicle Transport

A diesel mechanic is likely to focus on diesel engines and onboard electronic systems. On the other hand, if you’re looking to become an automobile dealer, you need to have auto transport at the front of your mind. Whether you’re selling tractors, trailers, motorcycles, SUVs, or pickup trucks, you need to be familiar with how automobile shipping works. This is true even if you’re having automobiles shipped to your lot. For instance, motorcycles need to be shipped differently than SUVs, which need to be shipped differently than RVs. If the logistics of automobile shipping seem a touch too complex, relying on outside help is your best bet.

Businesses like Easy Car Shipping rely on an easy auto-ship model to ensure that there are no hiccups during transit. Using a quote calculator for shipping is a smart way to avoid hidden fees or an expensive deductible. Easy Car Shipping makes the auto transport process much more intuitive and allows you to focus on the day-to-day of your business without worrying about the complicated logistics of shipping and vehicle transport.

While Easy Car Shipping isn’t the only auto transport business in the game, they are one of the most well-respected by their consumer base and they’re a natural starting place, especially if you’re relatively new to the industry and it’s your first time shipping a vehicle.

Pursue Certifications

If you’ve ever read a Better Business Bureau listing for a dealership or diesel technician shop, you’ve likely seen consumers note whether or not the technicians have ASE certifications as well as automotive and diesel certifications. Certifications are an excellent way to prove your automotive technology and diesel technology knowledge and ensure that your Better Business Bureau listing stays pristine.

While the Better Business Bureau isn’t the most important factor of diesel mechanic success, it can play a big role in which technicians succeed and which don’t. For first time technicians, reviewing the curriculum of an ASE test series and passing an ASE Certification Test is a great experience.

For your first time, it’s a good idea to pursue an ASE Certification from a national institute that has vast ASE experience. Your coursework should help you review popular diesel technology, added features like power steering and onboard electronic systems, and the key components that aspiring technicians should know.

At the end of your test series, you should feel more than prepared for the ASE Certification Test. While the ASE isn’t required for understanding modern diesel technology, it makes your resume look that much more impressive and stands as a testament to the level of service you can provide.

Plenty of Potential

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the auto industry continues to grow each year. It’s never been a better time to get involved in the automobile business, whether you’re selling motorcycles or are an aspiring diesel mechanic. As long as you’re doing adequate market research to determine the niche that best suits your skillset, you’re off to a good start.

The automobile industry is always looking for fresh talent and skilled labor is more needed in the US economy now than ever. Diesel mechanics, dealers, and shippers that have a keen sense for business all have the potential for lucrative careers.