Getting to Hawaii Without Flying

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So you’re ready to book your well-deserved and long-awaited trip to Hawaii, but you aren’t too keen on the idea of flying. Or maybe you’d prefer not to sit sedentary on an hours-long flight because you want every second of your Hawaiian vacation to be an adventure. That’s okay because you have options! Hopefully its air travel as a whole rather than the idea of traveling over open water that you’re unsure of, because that may make planning your trips a bit more complicated.

One of the most obvious ways to not only effectively make your way to the island, but to also ensure that you aren’t missing out on seeing all the best sights, is to take a cruise. Of course, as with most cruises vacation spots, there are a few things to consider. First, what weather will you most likely encounter? Hawaii has two main seasons: wet and dry. The dry season lasts about six months, from April to October, and those six months are arguably the most popular, therefore the most expensive few months to experience Hawaii.

You will be able to book one of several cruise lines that regularly travel to the islands. However, similar to your preferred weather, the cruise line you choose will heavily influence the trip you have. Some cruise lines will travel throughout the islands, offering you the chance to experience the many cultures the islands of Hawaii have to offer, while others have a more point-A-to-point-B approach, taking the most direct route to dock at your destination. No matter the type of adventure you are seeking, you are sure to find it. You have the option to tour Pearl Harbor, snorkel with turtles, or experience the island life by attending luaus in Maui.

Another more long term option you may want to entertain is to buy your own boat. That may sound ridiculous and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are an avid boater or have always dreamt of sailing the high seas on a budget, you may want to look into purchasing a repossessed boat. A repossessed boat is a boat that has been reclaimed by the bank due to the previous owner failing to make payments. By shopping for an online auction, you will inevitably save money on your big purchase. Cars and boats purchased through auctions are typically less expensive than if you were to buy through a used-dealer, while still getting a quality vehicle, as well as having the satisfaction of not needing to drain your bank account.

When looking at repo boats for sale, there are a few critical factors to keep in mind—most importantly, what type of water-sports are you looking to do? A leisure or fishing boat differs wildly from a boat you might want to travel further in. Secondly, in what condition is the boat? Was it well taken care of before it was repossessed, or will you need to invest in repairing and restoring your new boat? Much like purchasing a used car, you need to weigh the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned boat. Of course, if you are in the market for purchasing a boat, you will need to do so with plenty of time to make the necessary repairs.

Once you decide on how you are going to make your way to the islands, it’s time to book your trip and plan your itinerary! Whether you’re looking for a lazy week at the beach or a schedule packed full of new and exciting excursions each day, you’ll have lots of decisions to make!