Coping With Terminal Illness: Mentally & Financially

a person's back with their pants down

If you have found yourself diagnosed with a terminal illness, it can be incredibly difficult to have the strength to continue your daily life. You may feel tired physically and emotionally. You may also feel the financial stresses of constant medical treatments, prescriptions, doctor’s fees, and hospital stays. If you are experiencing anxiety and depressive symptoms due to your illness, it can be difficult to find the resources to get help with any of your issues. However, there are a few, small ways to help you cope with your terminal illness, both mentally and financially.

Mentally: find trusted, high quality professionals to give you the support you need

If you have a terminal illness and you experience negative mental health symptoms, you are far from alone. A Baylor University study found that the majority of patients who were diagnosed with a terminal illness experienced these types of symptoms. Coping with your illness or even the idea of dying can be excruciating mentally. However, you can manage those grief symptoms and even thrive in the face of them.

Finding support in a trusted therapist is key when you are going through something as intense as living with a terminal illness. A trained, compassionate professional like the ones found at Therapy Group of NYC can help teach you coping skills for your situation. Additionally, they will be a kind listening ear and advice giver when you find yourself going through the end of your life. Especially in a large city like New York, it can be difficult to feel heard. Add in a terminal illness, and it only gets harder. That is why Therapy Group of NYC staffs highly intelligent and compassionate mental health professionals to help you feel better mentally, even if you do not feel strong physically.

In the situation of living with a terminal illness, it is also important to not put all the pressure on yourself when it comes to managing stress. That is why involving a therapist can be highly beneficial, as extra stress is not good for your physical health, either.

Financially: know your options so that you do not get stuck in a hard situation

A chief worry of those who are terminally ill is the mounting costs related to their condition. Bills from prescriptions, medical treatments, hospital stays or ambulance rides, and doctor’s office fees can add up, resulting in a large amount of stress and a large amount of debt. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be hard to imagine digging yourself out.

There is one proven option if you have a terminal illness and need a quick cash lump sum. American Life Fund can buy your life insurance policy for immediate funds. Many who have terminal illnesses will do this because to them the policy has become too expensive to pay for. If monthly premiums in conjunction with existing medical bills are bogging you down, it may be time to think about selling your life insurance policy. You will get a quick cash payout of less than the death benefit but more than what you would receive if you surrendered the policy.. This payout can help you chip away at your mortgage or rent, pay for utilities and groceries, and could extend your life by allowing you to pay for alternative medical treatments. Your life and the quality of comfort you experience has more value than a monthly premium, so selling your policy could be a great financial option for you if you’re experiencing hardships due to a terminal illness.