10 Ways to Treat Yo’self

a person in a floral dress

Maybe you’ve had a difficult week at work, are going through a break-up, or are celebrating an accomplishment. Or perhaps it is just another Wednesday in quarantine and let’s be honest, corona-times are tough. From splurging on a new denim jacket to indulging in that diamond ring you’ve been eyeing, there is never a bad time to treat yourself!

1. A Spiced-Up Wardrobe

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2. Indulgent Jewelry

What girl doesn’t love a diamond ring? Investing in a timeless piece of jewelry for yourself is a perfect investment. The good news is that companies such as Agape Diamonds specialize in stylish, conflict-free lab diamonds that leave you feeling guilt-free. Agape Diamonds is a leading producer of lab-created diamonds, as well as a source of ethically mined natural diamonds. Choose from earrings, bracelets, and pendants, available in white gold and your choice of diamond. If the Agape Diamond reviews are anything to go by, this lifetime-guaranteed jewelry is a purchase you won’t regret.


3. A Fun Trip

Even though we can’t travel right now, why not start planning a trip for when we can? Whether it be a day trip to the mountains, a weekend road trip somewhere in the United States, or that big Latin American excursion you’ve always dreamed of taking, spend a day planning your perfect adventure.

4. A Spa Day

Who needs an expensive spa when you can create your own experience within your home? Set the mood with relaxing music and a cup of tea. From manicures and pedicures to hand and foot scrubs, create your own spa. Perhaps make your own face masks from natural ingredients to help your skin glow.

5. An Elaborate Meal

Food has a way of soothing the soul. Maybe draw inspiration from your favorite restaurant and cook a multi-course meal for yourself. Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and sit down to enjoy a delicious dinner all from the fruits of your own labor.


6. A Day of Relaxation

Give yourself a day off. A day off from work, from cleaning, from planning. Listen to what you need for the day. Read a new book from a bestsellers list, take a virtual yoga class, catch up on your journal. Simply allow yourself to do you for the day, stress-free!

7. A Long Walk

Go for a long, slow walk through your neighborhood or a park. Without a destination in mind, allow yourself to walk for the sake of walking. Enjoy the fresh air, take note of the sights around you, and allow your mind to wander. Offering both physical and mental health benefits, the simple act of walking is a free and rejuvenating way to treat yourself.

8. A Home Makeover

Are you tired of your house’s decor? Make your home a sanctuary for yourself. You can paint your walls or use those gift cards lying around to treat yourself to the new couch or piece of art you’ve been eyeing. Indulge your creativity and cultivate a new space, brightening your home and your mood.


9. A New Skill

Whether it be a painting, language, or graphic design class, treat yourself to that hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Many courses are online now, providing easy access to a wide range of classes. Exploring your creative side, expanding your skills, and doing something out of your typical routine is both fun and beneficial.

10. An Impromptu Dance Party

Sometimes you just need to let loose and have a good time. Did an upcoming concert of your favorite band gets canceled? Bring the experience to your home! Put on your favorite dress, make a cocktail, blast your favorite playlist, and dance your heart out. There is nothing like music and dance to soothe your soul!


The Bottom Line

Whether it’s for a specific occasion or just to celebrate an ordinary day—do we even need a reason to treat ourselves?—don’t forget to indulge in a little bit of self-pampering from time to time!