Why You Should Stop Overpaying for Medications

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When it comes to prescription medication, we will do just about anything in our power to make sure we cover the bill for the drugs we or our loved ones may need. However, that can have an extreme impact on our wallets over time.

The good news is that more is being done to make prescription drugs more affordable for patients and making sure that that money stays put in your bank account.

Affordable Generic Options


In the U.S., prescription prices can vary depending on a litany of circumstances ranging from the type of health insurance you have to the brand name on that prescription drug. However, more Americans are recognizing the affordability of generic drugs. Recent legislation laid out the blueprint to lower the cost of prescription medication, targeting drug manufacturers for keeping lower-cost medication off the market for their own profit. This also created a lack of transparency between brands, insurers, and pharmacies.

Generic drugs carry the same potency as their name-brand prescription counterparts at a fraction of the cost. Oftentimes, how brands package and ship their products is what can impact granting consumers the lowest price possible. For example, retailers may rely on sturdy, lightweight corrugated boxes for strength and durability when shipping products. Poly mailers, Tyvek envelopes, and plastic mailing bags have also emerged as an option to reduce shipping costs.

With online retailers that offer affordable and safe access to certain prescriptions, it is a good idea to create the safest package possible. Sometimes, that can involve customization in packaging to create a satisfying customer experience.

Shop Around


The truth is that what retailer or pharmacy you get your prescription drug from can actually affect how much money you are spending as a shopper. A local, hometown pharmacy will have a different price compared to a big box retailer like Walmart or Walgreens.

There is no harm in shopping around the marketplace and learning how much your prescription may cost you. A pharmacy discount coupon program can alleviate how much patients and their families spend at checkout. There are mobile apps designed to eliminate a sort of sticker shock at the pharmacy counter, with rebates available and easily accessible by signing up with an email address and a little additional information.

Some apps and websites may provide a tangible prescription discount card as part of their discount program, allowing for some lower prices whether you go to a physical pharmacy or acquire medication through a larger retailer for the best discount.

Consult Your Doctor and Pharmacist


Seeing some prescription prices can leave us with a lot of questions about our treatment plan. While we trust our care team to do what is best for us, we also shouldn’t hesitate to ask about more affordable options. Be sure to ask your local pharmacy about any discount prices that may be available for certain medications, or ask your healthcare provider about any different options to alleviate medical expenses through your insurance policy.

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