Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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There is no better way to honor true love this Valentine’s Day than giving your significant other a personalized, thoughtful gift that they can cherish forever. Throw away all the generic present ideas you’ve gotten from romantic comedies and choose something that appeals to your partner’s unique sense of style and taste. If you are looking for something different than the traditional teddy bear and a box of chocolates, then here are three unique gift ideas to wow your loved ones this February 14th:

Something Floral

Who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling, gorgeous bouquet? Surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery right to their door. Pick an organic, sustainable flower delivery service this year and support farmers who utilize environmentally-friendly harvesting practices. Browse an array of specially designed, hand-picked Valentine’s Day arrangements along with your beloved’s favorite flower.

From daisies to lilies, tulips, and more, commemorate your blossoming romance with beautiful flowers that will stand out in any home ad keep giving for days to come. You can also personalize the arrangement with a loving note. And don’t worry if you are short on time; get your farm-fresh bouquet to arrive with same-day delivery right to their door. Online you can find more of a selection of colors, designs, and types of flowers than your local florist shop, and arrangements handpicked from farmer to consumer by the best florists.

Something Customized

The most thoughtful gift to get this Valentine’s Day is something custom designed by you, specifically for your partner. Construct a scrapbook with photos that represent certain memories in your relationship along with captions, something they can keep on their shelf and look back on for years to come. You can also instantly personalize any gift idea with an engraving. Jewelers offer a range of customizable options; from an anniversary date on a bracelet to initials on a ring, the possibilities are endless.

Spark the romance with a stunning piece of jewelry that will remind your partner of you every time they wear it. From diamonds and pearls to gold and silver accessories, jewelry is the best way to leave your significant other speechless. It will be like a hidden love letter that only you and your partner share, and make it one of a kind by engraving the jewelry with a personal note. Online retailers also let you customize photo frames, shirts, mugs, glasses, and much more made to order for that special day. Nothing says true love better than a gift your partner can cherish forever as a memory of your relationship.

Something to Enjoy Together

Another unique gift idea is something you can both share as a couple while simultaneously strengthening your bond. Try a book of fun date ideas you can look through and choose, from weekend getaways to late-night adventures. Another way to show your affection for your sweetheart is by gifting them a fun game to build your connection as team players or friendly competitors. Make a set of question card games to test your partner’s knowledge of your likes and dislikes, or send your beloved on a romantic scavenger hunt that brings them to a small gift at each clue.

Another great game gift idea you and your partner can do together is a magnetic blocks building set. Bring out your and your partner’s inner childlike whimsy with a set of magnetic building blocks you can construct together or compete to rearrange different designs. From magnetic wooden blocks to magnetic tiles, choose from a range of block sets that will add some fun to your next rainy day date night in.