Tips for Finding a Legit Enterprise SEO Agency

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In the world of digital marketing, few services are more complex than enterprise SEO. For an enterprise to take over a search engine, it takes more than just keyword research and social media. Unlike a small business, enterprise websites are comprised of hundreds—even thousands—of moving parts. Without the right SEO services, navigating these parts can be nearly impossible.

So, how do the business owners of large organizations make these decisions for their SEO strategy? How do you find enterprise SEO services that are truly worth the investment?

Compare features first.

SEO services for enterprise companies are just as important as their expenses. Before you run a cost comparison, it’s important to run a features comparison. After all, if an enterprise SEO service provider doesn’t offer everything you need, it’s out of the running. Enterprise SEO needs to go beyond simple engine optimization. The SEO strategy needs to account for all the unique challenges that enterprise websites face. If an enterprise SEO company presents features that seem suited to smaller companies, it could be a non-starter.

Review the SEO firm’s target market.

An easy way to vet an enterprise SEO platform is to review its target audience. If an SEO company generally works with small business owners, it might not have the know-how on enterprise best practices. If the firm exclusively markets its search engine optimization but doesn’t mention content creation, white papers, or on-page SEO, it likely can’t handle the unique needs of a large company.

Look for a cohesive team.

In an enterprise setting, you won’t simply be working with a single SEO consultant. In most cases, you’re going to need a dedicated SEO team to handle all of the needs of your business. On the other hand, if you suspect every member of an SEO agency is handling your account, it’s not a good sign. The best way to determine how an SEO team works is to review team member specialties to determine that there’s an even spread of skills. Some members of the SEO team should handle social media marketing, some should handle organic search traffic, others should work with on-page optimization, and you need someone to run a regular enterprise SEO audit.

Weigh costs against your potential ROI.

An enterprise SEO solution can be a pricey monthly expense. Some enterprise SEO firms charge tens of thousands per month. However, when you see the gains in the search engine result pages, realize how well your social media pages are performing, and spot how your online presence has helped you reach thousands of potential customers, it’s easy to see how the expense could be worth it.

Request a full-service enterprise SEO strategy.

As mentioned, your enterprise SEO solution can’t simply be dedicated to the search results. Whether you need help with content creation for a case study or social media marketing consultation, it’s a great idea to look for SEO services that can provide these. Many business owners view SEO as a one-trick tactic when, in reality, it needs to be a full-service approach. While taking over keyword rankings and scoring new potential customers is great, your enterprise SEO strategy needs to be able to accomplish these goals in the long-term.

Find someone realistic.

If you’ve ever encountered an enterprise SEO firm that has made wild promises about how quickly its SEO team can get you ranking, it’s a red flag. An enterprise SEO strategy takes time, continuous tweaking, and ongoing effort. False promises won’t get you where you need to be.

If that seems like a lot to consider when choosing an SEO company, that’s because it is. You want to make sure that you’re investing your money into an SEO company that can truly present results. Enterprise SEO isn’t easy but the right SEO firm can make it less difficult.