The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage in Nashville

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We’ve all needed a storage unit at some point in our lives. These self-storage facilities provide the perfect space to keep your possessions safe during a move or during times where you have no extra room. However, one type of storage facility that many people overlook is a climate-controlled storage facility.

Climate-controlled storage offers several advantages over its standard storage counterparts. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of climate controlled storage in Nashville as well as anywhere else you might live in the United States.

Avoid Extreme Fluctuations in Temperature


The most significant and prominent benefit of using a climate-controlled storage unit is keeping your belongings safe from extreme fluctuations in temperature. Unfortunately, many self-storage facilities don’t have this feature, which exposes your belongings to extreme cold and heat, depending on the time of year and where you live.

Indeed plenty of household possessions isn’t that sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as glassware, dishes, and outdoor furniture. However, many of our belongings can be damaged beyond repair by temperature changes. For example, musical instruments, electronics, books, indoor furniture, and documents can warp, crack, fade, or worse due to fluctuating temperatures.

Reduce Dust and Pest Exposure


Many typical storage units deal with high amounts of dust and even pests. The dangers posed by these factors can also be reduced when you choose a storage unit with climate control. A dusty storage space means you’ll be spending countless hours cleaning your belongings once you retrieve them. Not to mention, dust and poor air quality can spell disaster for some items like rugs, mattresses, indoor furniture, and clothing.

Pests also pose a high risk for your stored possessions. Insects and rodents are known to eat and otherwise damage household items that have been left in storage. Keeping your things in an insulated storage facility with climate control will keep down dust and prevent pests from destroying your property.

It’s a Long-term Storage Solution


When you choose to store some of your personal belongings, you don’t always know when you’ll have the chance to retrieve them. At first, you may think that you’ll be getting your things back out after a short time. However, that’s frequently not the case. For example, you may have stored some things before moving into a new house. Once you move in, you might find that this new home doesn’t have the same amount of space as your old house did. So, your possessions may need to stay in storage longer than you planned. When you choose a climate-controlled storage unit, your belongings will be safe no matter how long you need to store them. As a result, you’ll have much more flexibility while deciding what to do with these items.

Avoid Fluctuations in Humidity


Humidity is another factor that’s often overlooked by many. Storage units with humidity control keep the air from becoming too moist or dry. As a result, your stored belongings will stay fresh and clean for when you’re ready to pick them up. Not to mention, standard storage units are subject to mold and mildew growth due to fluctuations in humidity. There’s not much worse than retrieving your stored belongings and finding they’ve been ruined due to mold and mildew growing on them for the duration of their stay. Keeping your items in a facility with humidity control prevents mold and mildew from forming on and around your possessions.

Keep Your Possessions Safe in Climate-Controlled Storage

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of climate-controlled storage, you can decide if you want to have this added level of protection when you have to store your prized possessions. From avoiding extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity to reducing dust and pests to being a long-term storage solution, climate-controlled storage is the best choice for storing your things.