Start the New Year Off Right: Travel Ideas and Trip Inspiration


New Year’s Day marks the tail end of a season when optimism reigns supreme. With the New Year come new resolutions to achieve happiness and wholeness for some and promises for new beginnings for others. It should come as no surprise to you that one of the most common resolutions that people make is to travel more. 

If one of your declarations for 2020 is to travel more, then there is no time like right now to start planning for your next getaway. Continue reading to get some inspiring travel ideas that will help you start the New Year off right.

Take The Road Less Traveled

Have you ever wanted to go off of the beaten path to a destination that flies under many people’s radars? This New Year, consider taking the road less traveled to some of America’s hidden treasures. Small cities and towns in this country have as much to offer as the big cities in terms of culture, history, and sights. They’re just waiting on people like you.

Hitting America’s backroads can give you the perfect opportunity to go have the adventure of a lifetime. Birmingham, AL, for example, offers natural beauty and deep roots to explore, from its founding as a steel town to its indelible place in civil rights history.

The Red Mountain Park, home to the Red Mountain Ridge that passes through Birmingham, is a great place to hike and sightsee. The mountain was once a prime source of ore for the entire world, so there are defunct mines throughout the ridge. 

One of the hazards of hiking through the mountains is damaging your smartphone. If you crack your smartphone’s screen while roughing it in the mountains, then visit a smartphone store like uBreakIFix for iPhone repair in Mountain Brook, AL. They’ll have your smartphone back into prime selfie condition so you can get back to enjoying The Magic City.

Cross The Pond

Have you ever been across the Pond? The United Kingdom, the founder of the colonies that became the United States, has just about all you could want in a destination. 

London is a city diverse and culturally influential enough to rival New York City. The West End of London is home to some of the city’s greatest attractions, including luxury shops, landmarks, businesses, and West End theatres. If you’re a theater enthusiast, then you’ll regret not scoring some West End tickets to see some of its world-renowned shows. 

Since you’re already going to be in the UK, why not take a tour of continental Europe and have your own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience? Enjoy pasta by the canal in Venice, ski the Alps, and view the art that shaped the Renaissance at the Louvre. There’s no way you’ll run out of firsts to experience on your journey through Europe. 

The Tropical Vacation You’ve Always Dreamed About

Are you one of those people who’ve just always wanted to go on a tropical cruise or to a nice resort in the tropics and just unwind? Start your New Year by rewarding yourself for getting through last year and take that tropical vacation you’ve always dreamed of. 

Nassau, Bahamas is a great place to visit at just about any time of the year, especially right after the start of the New Year. The weather will still be between the mid-70s and 80s, but without the intense summer sun, it won’t be as humid. This is the prime season for vacations in the tropics–the best all-inclusive cruises, Carnival, and snorkeling in pristine waters are all in season. 

Make this year the one where you stick to your resolution to get out and travel more. There’s so much out there just waiting to be experienced by you.