Software Tools for a More Efficient Nonprofit

a man working on a laptop

Managing the activities of a non-profit organization can be challenging, especially when funding sources are inconsistent. It’s a good thing you want to make the world a better place, and there are smart and efficient ways to help you achieve that. Due to technology, we now have many solutions beneficial to the NGO cause, starting from tools that facilitate fundraising, event management, accounting, and data management.

These tools help relieve you from operational procedures that could be handled by said solutions, leaving you room to identify new opportunities to grow your NGO.

1. Fundraising Tool


Non-profits are all about using donor support and philanthropic gestures as well as other factors to help champion a cause. Because you’re not working to make some profit, it’s essential to spend all resources you have in finding committed donors that believe in your cause. In the digital era, where most money transactions are done wirelessly, having fundraising tools helps widen your donor reach, raising more funds while ensuring brand awareness and visibility.

That is why you could opt for tech solutions like peer to peer (P2P) networks that can allow your friends, family, and any stakeholder in your organization to make donations online. You can try tools like OneCause, Salsa Labs, Qgiv, Classy, Bonfire, and several others on your P2P network.

Alternatively, companies like Engaging Networks can help with fundraising tools that can benefit your non-profit. They offer customizable, flexible, and innovative software solutions for non-profits. These are a great substitute for emails, fundraising, P2P, and data management systems.

2. Cloud Hosting Tool


An efficient data management system is vital for a successful non-profit. This is when cloud server hosting comes in. Working on a cloud platform will keep all the charity’s documents in one easily accessible, centralized location. If you’re not sure where to start, a cloud hosting service like OVHcloud offers services in OpenStack-based public cloud, dedicated servers, and hosted private clouds.

They can also help to build and manage your server to enable high-quality performance and connectivity. With security as a top priority in rendering their service, OVHcloud also deploys industry standards and best practices at all levels supported by top-class Anti-DDoS detection and protection systems.

3. Accounting Tool


Handling donation receipts and tracking income and expenditure cash disbursements, and several other non-profit related activities can be an overwhelming responsibility.

That’s why many prefer using technological accounting solutions. This way, you’re assured of accuracy in their calculations and projections. You can also leverage other accounting tools like Aplos, Araize FastFund Accounting software, Intuit Quickbooks, Nonprofit Treasurer, Financial Edge by Blackbaud, Intacct, Xero for Nonprofits, etc.

4. Project Management Tool.


Organizing a project while still maintaining maximum productivity and optimal performance can be challenging, especially when there’s a lot to work to be done simultaneously. As a non-profit organization, you must be able to deliver on accountability and monitoring efficiently. These aspects can be disastrous to your reputation and demoralizing for volunteers, interns and staff, if not properly done. Also, you don’t want to spoil your organization’s reputation or the image various individuals and communities that believe in your agenda have towards you.

With proper project management software in place, you can also assign tasks with realistic timelines and implement goals and strategies for executing these tasks. This will encourage accountability from your team, which you can oversee without micromanaging them. The rewarding part is that your teams will always work towards a common goal—be it the fulfillment of an upcoming project.

It’s also worth noting that many project management software is easily accessible online. This includes Trello, Asana, Freedcamp, MeisterTask, ClickUp, Basecamp, GSuite, Slack, etc.

All in all, these above-listed software tools will help you manage your non-profit efficiently.