The popularity of ride-sharing companies such as Uber has disrupted the concept of taxis. Gone are the days of standing on the side of the road trying to flag down an available taxi. Today all it takes is a mobile device and application to hail a driver who comes to your location and whisks you […]

Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life. Whether it’s in day-to-day life or business, the only thing we can do is guard against them. From a commercial trucking business perspective, the risks of accidents are even higher. Statistics show that 500,000 trucking accidents occur annually in the United States alone. And although driver distraction from

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Does it feel as though your business is a bit stagnant? Are you ready to amp things up but you’re not sure where to start? Chances are, you’re not using the right tools for business growth. Software integrations and agent productivity are critical to the customer experience. They reduce downtime and make it easier for

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Often times, businesses don’t give workplace safety the attention it deserves until someone gets hurt on the job and the learn the hard way how badly injured employees hurts their business. No one likes to see workplace injuries but too frequently, businesses are reactionary when it comes to putting forth safety measures. If you want

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Online businesses have become synonymous with today’s economic fabric. The days of only shopping and looking for other services at brick and mortar stores are gone. Online based retailers and businesses such as Uber, Uber Eats, Amazon, Kickstarter, and a host of online businesses have found success in serving customers only online. Here are some

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Marketing is a crucial part of any business’ success. Billionaire and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said it best: “No sales. No company.” As you can imagine, salons are no exception to this principle. In order to thrive, you need customers. On top of that, you need the right customers. You need the ones willing to pay whatever

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In the world of digital marketing, few services are more complex than enterprise SEO. For an enterprise to take over a search engine, it takes more than just keyword research and social media. Unlike a small business, enterprise websites are comprised of hundreds—even thousands—of moving parts. Without the right SEO services, navigating these parts can

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