How To Start a Distribution Network

people working in an office

Starting a business is a huge undertaking. You have to understand the ins and outs of the industry you’re entering and decide on what niche best fits your business goals. But there are plenty of ways to join the world of enterprise, perhaps in some ways, you wouldn’t expect.

When you think of business, you probably think of retailers: storefronts or online stores that make products and sell them to the masses. But you may not realize how many other areas there are in the supply chain. Products aren’t just magically made at the store and ready to be sold. In fact, most products are made by suppliers and then distributed out to retailers to sell. This is where distribution centers come in. They are the organizers and the manufacturers that get these fabulous products out to the right retailers who then sell those pieces to the public. See, there’s a lot more to the world of business than you may have originally realized. Perhaps a distribution center sounds like the perfect career path for you. If you’re looking to start your own distribution network, here are a few tips and tricks to succeed in your venture.

What is a distribution network?

It’s important to first understand the vital role distributors play. Most businesses are all about creating and selling products, but a distribution network is more about supplying items and spreading products around the world. You essentially would act as the middle man. Big suppliers and manufacturers prefer to focus on the creation of their items rather than the organization of getting them out to individuals. They then send bulk orders to distribution centers who organize where everything is going and send them on their way. If you like communicating with many different venues, organizing accounts, and dealing with the constant changeover, this is a good business for you to look into.

Figure out your packaging plan.

Because a distribution center is all about getting packages out in a timely manner, and you’ll have machines in continuous motion on your premises. Your first step in starting a distribution network is to figure out the details for your cartons and packaging systems and specifications. An automatic cartoner will be your best friend when it comes to packaging, sealing, and shipping your inventory. From case erectors to sealers to box folding mechanisms, you can find the perfect machinery or security system for your benefit. Help your distribution network run smoothly and efficiently so you can take on more clients and grow your organization.

Stay secure with your information.

People and companies want to work with distribution centers that they can trust. You can’t hope to do business until you secure a way to keep sensitive data and personal information safe and secure from cyberattacks and phishing. Network security is the first indicator of your network’s integrity, so cyber security should be a priority for your organization. Before you can hope to reach out to suppliers and retailers and gain visibility, you need to set up a defense contractor and secure your critical infrastructure.

Make worthwhile connections.

As the middle man of supply chains, operating a distribution network means making connections. You need to assure manufacturers that you will take care of their products and connect their quality work with retailers who will appreciate it. On the other hand, the retailers themselves want to count on you to get them their products on time, in the right increments, and with the best care. Get your name out there and prove you are worthy of everyone’s business and trust. This can be the hardest task for beginners, but once you gain traction and stick at it for long enough, the clients will come.