How to Make Your Business More Comfortable for Clients

a laptop on a desk

As a business owner, personal preferences are what you built your company on. They’ve made a big difference in your type of business, what your workflow is like, and the original conception of your small business. However, there comes a point when you spend less time on the needs of the small business owner, you, and the clients that you service. There are two main aspects of your company that you need to consider when you want to raise the comfort level of your clients with your business.



When managing comfort levels in your home or business, it’s always a good idea to start with the atmosphere. The type of climate you keep will reflect the type of business you are. Committing to what your clients want around them will help you to build the ambiance of your business. There are two main aspects to consider when creating the right feel.

Layout: This encompasses everything tangible in your space. From the ductwork to where the furnace is stored, you need to have a welcoming and functional space that supports the level of physical activity your business needs. A good way to gauge if you have the right layout would be if it mimicked the comfort of your home. This will create a welcoming feeling for everyone coming to your establishment.

Visuals: All of these, but especially lighting, can create different moods. They can accent center features of your business as well as create an inviting space. Lighting can help your business with energy efficiency. LED bulbs and motion sensors can have a positive impact on your energy bill. Good lighting can also help with your client relations. When you care about the world around you, it shows that there is more to your company than just cash flow.

It’s important to address issues with your atmosphere as soon as possible. If you feel that something is impacting your space like moisture, humidity, or the indoor air quality, it’s wise to seek professional help in correcting the problem. If clients aren’t comfortable in your business, there are very high chances that they won’t return.



The other sphere that plays an enormous role in helping you to connect with clients is technology. It’s wise to have software designed for small businesses as your main supporter for your online presence. Also, you should have advanced features integrated into both the hardware and software that you use. The dashboard you use should be natural to navigate. People shouldn’t have to feel like they’re constantly scouring your websites. Everything should be within a button click.

The world has moved to mobile devices. A phone now functions as a microcomputer, GPS, alarm clock, etc. The point is that many of your clients are going to access your companies online services through a mobile app. It needs to be intuitive to navigate, have filters that make sense and be marketed at an affordable price if not just available as a free version.

In addition to the mobile app, your online presence should include easily accessible support services. These would come in the form of quality customer support, both through an online chat and through telecommunications. Clients need to feel they can reach you on various levels and not just as another number in line. Support services could also include tutorial videos on how to utilize what your company is selling.

It’s definitely the best practice to integrate software that functions well for all aspects of your company. From payroll to invoices, to client-facing landing pages and templates, having smooth and streamlined technology will make clients feel much more comfortable.

Ultimately, maintaining a comfortable physical and digital presence will help you and make your client base feel welcome.