How To Find the Right Moving Company

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Relocations are commonplace in today’s world, as many people move to new locations for various reasons. Professional movers are always on hand to help you transition to your new place, irrespective of distance and your reason for moving.

However, the moving process is inherently stressful, so hiring the right movers is vital whether you’re moving to a new apartment or making a business move. How do you find the right company that’ll do a fantastic job on your move date when there are so many companies to choose from? Below are specific tips worth knowing to hire the right moving company for your next move.

Moving Services on Offer


It’s vital to know the scope of work that any moving company can perform before committing to them. All moving companies execute short house-to-house relocations within their territory, with a good number offering long-distance options as well. If you’re moving any specialty possessions like fragile items or heavy furniture, it’s also essential to determine if your mover has the manpower and equipment for the job. Additionally, if you require any decluttering, estate cleanouts, or storage services, you should find a mover who can guarantee all this. These days, many trusted movers provide various services that cater to a broad range of specific moving needs. Good moving companies such as Solomon & Sons Relocation are examples of such companies.

Solomon & Sons is a Fort Lauderdale moving company that provides a broad range of moving solutions to clients. These movers can help you make a local move within Fort Lauderdale or make a long-distance move across the state or country. Their experienced moving crew provides expert packing and crating services and can seamlessly load and unload your belongings without damaging anything. They provide free estimates in South Florida, charge no hidden fees, and offer multilingual customer service. What’s more, they’re trusted professional movers, guaranteeing clients a hassle-free moving experience since 2014.

Check License and Insurance

If your movers aren’t properly licensed or insured, you and your valuables suffer a significant security risk by partnering with them. Therefore, it’s always prudent to check for their credentials to ensure that your move is in safe hands. You can check their company website, either on the homepage or in the ” About Us” section. Alternatively, you can ask the moving company for outright proof of their insurance and other credentials. Knowing you’re working with licensed professionals is always a relief. For example, hiring a plumber or an electrician who has undergone the OSHA certification program guarantees that these professionals have the necessary skills. You’re also assured that they have the required knowledge of occupational safety and construction safety to carry out a safe and great job.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are an excellent repository of helpful information for patrons of several businesses, including professional moving companies. Yelp, Facebook,, and Google are perfect places to discover reviews from past customers, which can give you great insights into whether or not they’re worth hiring. Experts recommend avoiding the one and five-star reviews, focusing instead on average three-star reviews. Three-star reviews typically provide an unbiased assessment of the company’s services, containing both the good and the bad. This way, you can get a more realistic perspective of what to expect from your moving company, avoiding any unpleasant surprises after committing to your move.

Conduct your due diligence by checking the services on offer, online reviews, and the details on your moving company’s insurance policy and OSHA certification. This way you’re covered against the unexpected. The above-listed points are a few guiding principles to help you select the right movers so that you can enjoy a stress-free moving experience.