How To Choose the Right CBD Cream for You

The buzz around the health and wellness industry about cannabidiol, or CBD, seems like it’s here to stay. This non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp has been credited with a variety of potential benefits. In the recent boom of CBD products, topical applications like CBD creams have been particularly notable for their potential therapeutic benefits.

Among the plethora of options available, a standout option is the CBD cream from Earthly Body, which utilizes CBD isolate and is eco-friendly and biodegradable. However, how does one make the right choice for themselves among the sea of CBD creams? This guide will help you in that endeavor.

Understanding Your Need

Understanding your specific needs is the first and foremost factor in choosing the right CBD cream. Are you looking for potential relief from aches and pains? Are you seeking a potential solution for common skin issues like dryness or inflammation? Or are you simply interested in the potential wellness benefits of CBD? Having clarity about your reasons for using CBD cream is the key to finding a product that suits you best.

CBD Isolate vs. Other Types


In the CBD world, it’s essential to understand the difference between CBD isolate and other types like broad-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, with all other plant compounds and cannabinoids removed. This means that CBD isolate products will not have any other cannabinoids, like CBG or CBN. On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD contains several cannabinoids but typically lacks THC.

Strength and Dosage

The strength of the CBD cream plays a significant role in its effectiveness. CBD creams are available in a wide range of concentrations. Generally, if you’re new to CBD products, it might be wise to start with a lower concentration and gradually work your way up if necessary. Additionally, always follow the product’s usage instructions, as overuse can lead to minimal additional benefits.

Quality and Source of Hemp

The quality of CBD in the cream largely depends on the quality and source of the hemp used in its production. Opt for brands that are transparent about their sourcing and use organically grown, non-GMO hemp. Companies that provide third-party lab testing results also offer an additional level of assurance about the quality of the product.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

With the growing awareness about the impact of our choices on the environment, selecting eco-friendly and biodegradable products is a conscious choice for many consumers. CBD creams that meet these criteria ensure that your wellness journey doesn’t harm the planet.

Ingredients and Additives


It’s not just about the CBD. Check the other ingredients in the cream. Look for creams that contain natural ingredients like essential oils, beeswax, and aloe vera, which can provide additional potential benefits. Avoid products with harmful chemicals or artificial additives.

User Reviews and Reputation

Finally, do some research on the product and the company. User reviews can offer a lot of insight into the effectiveness of the product. At the same time, a company’s reputation can give you an idea about its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, choosing the right CBD cream is a personal journey that depends largely on your specific needs and preferences. The CBD cream from Earthly Body can be a great option to consider with its high-quality CBD isolate and eco-friendly and biodegradable attributes. By understanding your needs, being aware of the product’s specifics, and doing your due diligence, you can find the CBD cream that’s just right for you. Whether it’s potential relief from physical discomfort, enhancing skin health, or overall wellness, the right CBD cream has the potential to be a beneficial addition to your daily regimen.