According to recent studies, home renovations are on the rise. In fact, up to 90% of homeowners are planning on renovating some aspect of their home at some point or another. And 33% of those homeowners are planning to do a home renovation in the next two years.  Unfortunately, choosingContinue Reading

If you’re dreaming of a nice Midwestern life, then Kansas City could be the place for you. The city offers plenty of culture and great food, but you’re not going to pay as much to live in a place like Kansas City as you would on the coasts. That said,Continue Reading

The best way for any business to learn about themselves is through the customer’s lens. Surveys are an effective method for gleaning useful feedback and critiques about performance and quality of service. This is especially true for property managers. Learning first-hand from current and previous tenants will show strengths andContinue Reading

As any rental property owner will tell you, being a landlord is not easy. But, with a little skill, owning a rental property can be very lucrative. As a landlord, you’ll enjoy the growth of the real estate market while also making income through the rent that your tenants pay.Continue Reading