While most of us know that eating healthy is important, at times it can be a little harder than you think. Whether you have an addiction that makes it super important for you to eat healthy or you’re on a super tight budget that makes it near impossible, a familyContinue Reading

If you’re of a certain age and have an unexpected financial emergency, it can be scary to try and figure out where the money you need might come from. In some cases, this might be a medical diagnosis that comes with hefty medical costs. In such situations, it may beContinue Reading

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Divorce is a common thing that can still be traumatic for children. Acrimonious divorces are more harmful to kids than amicable ones, as couples who split up but still co-parent effectively are doing their kids a lot more good than ones who fight about everything. The most heated disagreements mayContinue Reading

Whether you’re a passionate hiker or enjoy the occasional trip to the beach, nature likely has a calming effect on you. And this isn’t a coincidence. The mental health benefits of nature are backed by science, so you’re enjoying some major benefits every time you breathe in fresh air.  ThisContinue Reading

Like many first-world nations, Australia has a public health insurance system that is funded through taxes. Under their system, all citizens have access to free or low cost healthcare. Their healthcare system is designed to ensure that all citizens receive a basic standard of medical care, but citizens and migrantsContinue Reading

There’s a long history of medical discoveries that were at first ignored or mocked, only to be revered once the tools were perfected. The opposite is also true. Some inventions were lauded at their conception then banned after the realization they didn’t work. As technology makes life easier and longer,Continue Reading


Sustainability has become a key driving factor of consumer behavior, especially in younger generations. A recent study showed that it’s the primary factor in millennial decision making and that millennials are more than twice as likely as their parents to seek out businesses that align with their values. Is sustainabilityContinue Reading