Financial Options for Cancer Patients

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A cancer diagnosis can be a devastating revelation in the life of a patient. The idea of illness is something that is tough to contend with all on its own. But factor in the hair loss, chemo procedures, and costs that cancer patients must also go through, and the toll can be excruciating, even for the strongest of people.

Cancer patients have options though. The landscape of recovery for a cancer patient doesn’t have to be universally bleak. This begins with the financials and runs through every aspect of the recovery effort that will see you getting back on your feet and out into the world.

Cash in your life insurance policy.


Life insurance is a stopgap for older adults and young career professionals. This type of insurance acts as a safety net to hedge against the loss of income or a high volume of debt. Life insurance is crucial for those in a variety of life’s phases, and if you are getting older you should be thinking about enrolling in a life insurance policy, regardless of your current health. In the event of a cancer diagnosis, your life insurance coverage can kick in to rescue you from financial ruin.

Some policies provide for coverage of terminal (or potentially terminal) illness care. Alternatively, you could approach a viatical settlement provider in order to sell the cash value benefit of your policy for a lump sum payout to cover the costs of your lifesaving medical treatment. For adults without significant debt, a life insurance policy is a cash value asset for your beneficiaries. Rather than kicking in to pay down any outstanding obligations, it goes to your heirs as a segment of your estate that will ultimately be passed down in whatever way you have stipulated in your will.

A viatical is the quickest way to exchange the death benefit that you stand to receive for a lump sum that you can use today. Whether you’re battling breast cancer or need chemotherapy for the treatment of another cancer diagnosis, the costs can quickly begin to add up. Cancer can create a drain on your finances that will leave your beneficiaries with an outsized bill, even if you spent your whole life saving and building property equity. Making the best choice in relation to your life insurance coverage for your unique situation is something that you will have to evaluate. No matter how you approach it, the cash value of your life insurance policy can be a lifesaver in this situation.

Boost your insurance coverage if you are at risk.


There are a number of indicators when it comes to the risk of developing cancer. If you know that you’re prone to the disease, you might want to consider boosting your health insurance coverage as you start to get up in age. With boosted health coverage you can expect a higher premium every month or year, but the increased level of protection against rising medical expenses is a Godsend for those navigating the hazards of chemotherapy or other treatments in the life of a cancer patient.

Try to find enjoyment in the little things.


While cancer is no joke, keeping a positive mental attitude is crucial to getting started along the road to recovery. Without positivity, your recovery may be long and difficult. Embracing the changes in your life and taking stock of the things that matter most to you is a great way to push on through this rough patch. Looking into style ideas for chemo patients is the best way to get started with this new positive outlook. Even though you are dealing with a hardship, it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Leaning on your friends for support, remaining as happy as you can, and approaching the finances calmly and with purpose are the keys to success when it comes to beating cancer.