FAQs About Nava Wilson LLP In Toronto

Litigation happens all the time in our world, and it’s important to have legal representation on your side that knows what they’re locking themselves into when they fight for you in the courtroom. Nava Wilson LLP has become one of the leading law firms in Toronto in handling complex litigation, assuring that clients are getting the representation that they deserve in a court of law.

Who are the leaders behind Nava Wilson LLP?


Malliha Wilson and Kubes Navaratham are the managing partner and senior counsel, respectively, of Nava Wilson LLP, one of the top legal teams in Toronto. Wilson’s resume has made her a standout in the legal world. A Tamil-Canadian legal professional, Wilson served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Government of Ontario from 2008-2016. She was the first minority to hold that position. Born in Sri Lanka, she has been a champion of diversity and inclusion, recognized by the South Asian Bar Association and the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers for her successes.

Malliha Wilson served as Senior Appellate Litigation Counsel with the Ontario Government for more than 30 years, participating in over 20 notable cases at the Supreme Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Her specialty lies in human rights, indigenous, constitutional, corporate, and labor law, as well as other complex litigation. Her legal expertise has been passed down throughout Nava Wilson LLP, serving as not only the boss but as a mentor to the attorneys that work for this prestigious firm.

What legal services do they provide?


Nava Wilson LLP provides services in real estate, corporate law, and litigation, with a commitment to increasing access and awareness of the Canadian justice system. The firm does this by increasing its clients’ knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. Legal processes are constantly evolving, so it’s important to have advisors on your side that are able to right to significant and challenging circumstances. The team at Nava Wilson LLP strives to be an agent of change, engaging in advocacy and capacity building.

For example, homeowners may not realize the power they hold when it comes to buying or selling a property. Real estate law is a complex horizon that requires a helping hand to make sure any property sales are handled with legal responsibility understood by buyer, seller, and broker. Corporate law invokes everyone from employees to entrepreneurs. If you are trying to buy or sell a business, it’s important to have a special legal advisor oversee all regulatory procedures for the purchase and sale to avoid any violations that could be costly for a business owner in the long run.

I’m not sure I need an attorney. What do I do?


With a mastermind like Malliha Wilson serving as senior counsel, you can have peace of mind in the accomplishments and capabilities of attorneys at Nava Wilson LLP. If you’re a landlord or tenant in need of help through litigation, or a commercial real estate operator trying to work out the legalities of a sale, don’t hesitate to contact me for legal advice. Accessible by phone, e-mail, and their website, experienced lawyers will be able to provide you with insight into what legal action for your case may look like.

You can even check out NavaWilson.law for “blawg” posts to understand the intricacies of labour law, corporate law, real estate law, and other litigation. While your case may not be elevated to the Supreme Court, it requires the care and consideration of a case of that magnitude. Don’t hesitate to pursue the legal options that are out there, and that’s where Nava Wilson LLP is a tremendous asset to have in your corner.