Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Ramona Ortega holding a book

Women business owners are creating the most successful businesses in the world, and research shows the rise in female founders and CEOs. According to the Women-Owned Business Report, women started an average of 1,821 net new US businesses a day between 2017 and 2018. Over 48 years, women-owned businesses increased 31 times from 402,000  to 12.3 million. If you’re looking to finally become your own boss, now is the time. The question is what type of business should you create? Are you looking to join the culinary world, the fashion scene, or something else entirely? We’ve got you covered. 

Public Relations

If you’re a creative looking to communicate with others, this is a great business to enter. Your public relations agency can consist of as many clients as you desire, from hospitality to beauty or fashion. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with the media and major influencers to give your brand the exposure it needs. Let’s say you’re representing White House Black Market, and you want to send the women black dress coat to Gigi Hadid for her black-tie event. That would be a huge exposure not only for White House Black Market but also for your agency, which in turn would bring in more clients. 


Electronics and Home Appliances

Is your community lacking electronic stores or home appliances? Build your business in your community. Being the only business like this in your town can come in clutch for many, especially if there is a household emergency. Your business can sell perkins diesel generators that are key during any sort of power outage as well. Welland Power only sells these leading model generators in the U.K., so these are extremely exclusive. Perkins diesel generators are known for their high quality and reliability, which will be a major plus with your customers. 


Food Industry

In the food industry, your options are endless. If your friend group is always asking you for that homemade sauce recipe or wondering why your apple pies are the best they’ve ever had, consider opening your own restaurant. It usually takes four to six months to create your restaurant from scratch, which is great if you’re trying to finish your business within a year.  If not a restaurant, a catering company is another possibility. If you’re interested in events, you can combine your love for food and special occasions to create the ultimate catering business—and it pays well, too. 



Although everyone may have high-quality cameras through their smartphones these days, photographers are still very important for special occasions and in the media industry. If you love fashion editorial spreads or dream of attending those white tie events, turn your passion into a career by developing your photography skills. Online classes are available to expand your knowledge, and you can also attend meetup groups to start your portfolio. Once you’re comfortable, you’re on the road for your photography business to take off. 



Although the blogging world is extremely competitive, this is a perfect career for anyone looking to work from home. Consider what you’re passionate about. Is it a lifestyle? Beauty? Mom life? Create your own blog and write about your tips and tricks for putting the kids to bed or share where you got those candles for an ultimate self-care routine. Find what makes you stand out from the others and let the world know. Be sure you’re active on social media so you can connect with your fans and to give yourself more opportunities to share content. It may take some time for your site to develop into a profitable business, but it’s definitely possible.