5 Tips for Optimizing Your Work From Home Space

a person sitting in front of a computer

Working from home has created unique challenges in everyone’s lives. The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of workers into battling with the comforts of a home against the productivity that they strive for in their office space. But working from home doesn’t have to be a slog. In fact, many workers find themselves getting more done while sitting at the kitchen table or preparing reports from the couch. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the home comfort and be a productive employee at the same time, consider these tips this holiday season.

1. Take regular breaks.

This setup is completely new to most workers. This means that you must ease yourself into the new routine in order to get the most out of it. There are countless distractions built into your home comfort that aren’t present in your office at work, but tuning them out for stretches of time is essential to getting really anything completed. Job satisfaction relies on a feeling of completeness at the end of any workday or week. So setting yourself targets throughout the day and rewarding yourself with fifteen minutes of reading or TV time every few hours can really boost your overall morale. Taking a break may be the best gift you get yourself this holiday season.

2. Keep up with your home maintenance tasks.

The office rarely has a maintenance issue that lasts more than a couple of days. This is because a bathroom that’s out of order or light out in someone’s office can destroy productivity. The same goes for your home, but it’s not the office manager’s job to fix the air conditioner for better indoor air quality—it’s yours. You’re the homeowner and the office manager now. It’s hard to put a value on the convenience of cooling comfort until your air conditioner stops working. Regular maintenance checks and servicing of your HVAC system by a professional air conditioner repair technician every year is essential to keeping the system working to its full capacity for the duration of its life. When your AC system goes, you feel it immediately, and the inability to exert climate control over your space kills any chance you had of productivity while it remains out of service. Not to mention that your energy bills, which have surely already been climbing during this time, will be through the roof if your AC system is out of whack.

3. Keep your morning routine in place.

Sticking to your normal routine is a great way to create positivity in your new work environment. Getting up at your regular time, showering, and getting dressed for the office will put you in the right mindset to sit down and focus on the tasks ahead for the day. Retaining as much normalcy as possible is a great way to improve your mood and soldier on with the things you’ve got on your plate.

4. Try to recreate your office workspace.

With the holidays just around the corner, it might be natural for you to be frantic over what you should get your boyfriend for Christmas. Thinking about gifts that promote relaxation and wellness is a great place to start. A water bottle or a nice mug for his home office may be the perfect gift for your bae. Or a nice bottle of whiskey to enjoy at the end of a long day working from home.

You could also think about the features of his (or your own) office. If working with two monitors and a padded chair is the norm, then adding these to your home repertoire can go a long way to recreating the productive mood. Think about the gear you are accustomed to and work to bring that equipment into your home office in order to boost your overall energy.

5. Enjoy it while you have the time.

Working from home may be an incredibly challenging shift away from what’s normal or easy. But this time is a great way to spend extra hours with your dog, babies, spouse, or even just relaxing in the comforts of home. Work hard – as you normally do – but also make sure you take the time to enjoy the things that life is throwing your way. There is precious little to celebrate during this time of uncertainty and crisis, but the ability to spend more time with loved ones or simply set your own schedule is something to be cherished. This change of pace won’t last forever, so enjoy the little additions to your life while you can. One day you’ll look back at this time as a breath of fresh air.