5 Things to Consider for Your New Salon

a room with a black screen and chairs and a black wall with white circles on it

Hearty congratulations on your new salon startup. As a salon owner, you’re probably aware that the beauty industry prides itself on churning out products and services that help us look our best. The diverse range of services the industry offers includes beauty salons to waxing franchises.

Contrary to popular belief, salons don’t cater to only the glamorous or those in the spotlight; their services extend to everyone else. The beauty industry is broad and diverse. What’s more, it’s profitable and resistant to economic downturns. With that said, before opening, you’ll first need to check some boxes to ensure your business scales. Thankfully, we’ve provided a few essential things you need to consider.

1. The Equipment and Furniture


To get your salon ready, you’ll need quality equipment and furniture. The process of getting the best hair, nail, or beauty equipment can be overwhelming—considering the many options available on the market. Moreover, it’s essential to have an extensive array of equipment to offer your prospective customers the best value for money. For instance, you’ll need durable pieces of furniture. This includes comfortable styling chairs, beauty couches, cushions, functional drawers, backwash units, reception chairs, and footrests.

For a nail salon, you’ll likely need a portable manicure table. Suppose you’re looking to buy the best manicure table for your setup. In that case, many companies can provide you with the right equipment. This includes a glass top manicure table and other essentials.

2. The Interior Design

After finding the right location, you’ll now have to think about the interior design. You can do this yourself or outsource to a contractor. Remember, clients will certainly want a comfortable and friendly environment. So, always try to appeal to the taste of your clientele when designing your salon. From the color of the walls to the door handles, make sure your salon suits your target client. That being said, it’s always best to opt for low-maintenance, efficient, and durable products. For example, when decorating your windows, vinyl windows and all weather seal windows are excellent choices. In addition to improving the looks of your salon, vinyl replacement windows will preserve its value.

3. The Location


Once you’ve completed the conceptual aspects for your salon, the next thing is to secure a good location. You can rent ample space depending on your financial ability, concept, and growth plan.

The location has to be appealing to people. Places with essential facilities like car parks tend to attract more visitors. Good traffic, proximity, and easy access to your target clients are things you should consider when choosing a location.

4. The Marketing Strategy


Marketing is necessary for every business. However, specific tactics apply to different companies. When opening a salon, you’ll have to put more effort to familiarize yourself with your community. Building your client base is crucial for you to succeed.

Salon marketing requires specific techniques, including social media marketing, content marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing. More so, having a website and listing your salon in online directories is a good way to go. Furthermore, some of your prospective customers tend to depend on online ratings and reviews. That said, you must attend to every review you receive—especially the bad ones. Check their nature of complaints and see how you can improve.

Also, being active on social media helps you to connect with your client on a more personal level. Keep them interested by posting before and after scenes or photos of your work. Additionally, offering incentives and referral discounts encourage people to refer your salon to others. When you show appreciation by giving them incentives for being loyal, you make them more committed to you.

5. The Right Staff

One major mistake many salon owners make is hiring the wrong staff. Most times, they don’t usually know what to look out for. Your employees must have an appealing personality and charisma as this makes the clients more comfortable. They must also be competent at their job. When your nail technician does lousy work when applying nail polish during a manicure, the salon takes the fall for it. Your client should receive a timeless look from your staff. The bottom line is that it’s essential to pay attention to the type of staff you’re hiring.