4 Things To Consider When Choosing Inbound Call Software For Your Moving Business

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You run a moving company, which means that you help people through some of the most important transitions of their lives. Whether they’re moving up the street or across the country, it’s a pretty big deal to pack up all their possessions and relocate. You’re offering them a great service to help them settle into a new home. You want to be the best moving company you can be while doing a great job for the people who are trusting you with their beloved items. One of the best ways to show you’re trustworthy and truly there for your customers is by being available to them.

Call centers are a huge piece of any business. When customers have questions or concerns, they want to be able to talk to someone to get answers. Your contact center can do a great job of offering that support during someone’s relocation. As you’re picking out this important software, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider to keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high. Here are a few suggestions for how to find the best call center software for your moving company.

1. Make your call center completely integrated.

The future of contact center technology is omnichannel communications. This inbound call software responds to all kinds of communications and makes sure that they’re integrated for you. Whether a customer engages with the live chat on your website or calls your phone number to leave a voicemail, you’ll have records of all those previous interactions. This will help you offer the customer complete details without repeating yourself too often. It will also show them that your whole team is involved with their moving process. By offering this custom experience with integrated call center software, you’re staying a step ahead of the competition.

2. Consider your location and who will be calling in.

Professional movers are all over the country. Some specialize in long-distance moves while others like to stay local. Keep your location in mind when you’re setting up your inbound call capabilities and phone number. For example, a moving company in Fort Lauderdale, FL is going to specialize in storage and moving options for Floridians. You don’t want your inbound call center to be worried about voicemails and phone calls from Oregon or New Jersey if you can’t help them with that long-distance move. Specialize in your area, and be the right agent for the community in your backyard with better contact center practices.

3. In a competitive industry, customer service is important.

Customer service is always an important aspect of any business. In an area like professional moving, you’re going to have a decent amount of competition. With so many movers out there, you need to go above and beyond to be the best movers, so you can keep getting business. Prove that you do an excellent job by starting with excellent contact center software. Look for solutions that truly listen to customers, and provide a custom experience that they won’t soon forget. By utilizing an engaging, professional inbound call center, you’re improving your customer service tenfold.

4. Look for quick and efficient response methods.

Nothing is more frustrating than asking a question and having to wait forever for a response. Your clients are looking for real-time solutions, and you need to be prepared to give these to them. Call center solutions focus on customer relationship management by getting through a high call volume with good agent productivity. Look for contact centers that integrate analytics and take the hassle out of response times. Quick and efficient programs will help your moving company go a long way.