It’s an unfortunate fact that any person is at risk of a personal injury at practically any time. Some of the most common causes are slips, falls, car accidents, sports injuries, defective products, and malfunctioning equipment. Particularly for workers with physically demanding jobs or who work in dangerous conditions, the risk of injuries small or

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Orthopedic treatments may be beneficial after a medical incident. You want to ensure proper healing. Keep in mind, every surgical procedure involves its own set of inherent risks and you may have even signed a patient’s consent form. If you are the victim of a failed surgery, specifically a procedure that had avoidable mistakes, you’re likely

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While everyone can make small and significant professional and personal mistakes, some errors, such as those made by healthcare and medical professionals, can be so severe they cause adverse side effects, pain, and in some cases, death. Physicians and medical professionals take oaths to uphold ethics when caring for patients and to avoid causing them harm. Still,

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If you’re an investor and you’ve lost assets to fraud or another cause, you may be wondering if there is any way you can recover your investment. This is certainly an unfortunate situation to be in, but not all hope is lost—you can hire a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) attorney to help with your

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