Employee performance contributes to your business' success or failure. And every experienced manager knows that while it is important to focus on your business goals and your employees' contributions towards them, such as how efficiently they perform tasks and show initiative and creativity, it is also important to remember their human aspect and not just […]

When a spouse cheats on you, the psychological and emotional effects can be devastating. Only a few life events can be considered more stressful than cheating and the divorce that so often results, and it’s natural to wonder whether it’s possible to be compensated in some way for the pain and suffering unfaithfulness brings. In

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advice before you're 30

Getting your finances in order before entering your 30s can result in significant gains later in life. Here’s what you need to know about organizing and managing your finances before you turn 30. Start Budgeting Fewer than one-third of adults practice budgeting, while only 30 percent have long-term financial goals. Creating a household budget and sticking

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With health-conscious diet trends on the rise, nutritional supplements may be more marketable now than they’ve ever been. Even so, starting a company that mainly sells vitamin supplements is not a simple task. Indeed, it’s actually rather rare for a startup company to succeed (and that’s true in any industry). If you are up for

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Call center software solutions are intended to help contact centers serve customers as efficiently as possible. This is largely achieved by providing call center agents with the tools to quickly check information about a customer’s history so they’ll have the knowledge to improve the overall customer experience. Generally speaking, software solutions today will offer multiple

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