Although the pandemic has threatened the restaurant industry mightily, restaurants have also been a beacon of normalcy and comfort for many consumers during 2020. As such, more and more entrepreneurs are considering the ways in which they might go about entering into the restaurant industry. While the restaurant business certainly has tight profit margins, with […]

Does it feel as though your business is a bit stagnant? Are you ready to amp things up but you’re not sure where to start? Chances are, you’re not using the right tools for business growth. Software integrations and agent productivity are critical to the customer experience. They reduce downtime and make it easier for

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Often times, businesses don’t give workplace safety the attention it deserves until someone gets hurt on the job and the learn the hard way how badly injured employees hurts their business. No one likes to see workplace injuries but too frequently, businesses are reactionary when it comes to putting forth safety measures. If you want

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The world is facing inevitable self-destruction as a result of climate change, and the United States is one of the leading countries in the contribution to environmental damage. Climate change has negative impacts on everything from our health and environment to our food and water sources. It’s important for everyone, including the American people, to

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