According to recent studies, home renovations are on the rise. In fact, up to 90% of homeowners are planning on renovating some aspect of their home at some point or another. And 33% of those homeowners are planning to do a home renovation in the next two years.  Unfortunately, choosingContinue Reading

Without law, we wouldn’t have much of a society at all. While we’d all like to think that we’d do the right thing even without incentives, the law provides an important structure for those who aren’t as trustworthy — as well as a system for structuring everything from business dealsContinue Reading

Starting out in the working world can be difficult. A lot of unknown variables are out there, and while you may have gotten a great degree or certificate from a reputable college or technical school, it can still be hard to navigate. That’s why it’s always important to prepare adequatelyContinue Reading

If you have found yourself diagnosed with a terminal illness, it can be incredibly difficult to have the strength to continue your daily life. You may feel tired physically and emotionally. You may also feel the financial stresses of constant medical treatments, prescriptions, doctor’s fees, and hospital stays. If youContinue Reading

Divorce is a common thing that can still be traumatic for children. Acrimonious divorces are more harmful to kids than amicable ones, as couples who split up but still co-parent effectively are doing their kids a lot more good than ones who fight about everything. The most heated disagreements mayContinue Reading