If you are trying to win custody of your child, there are a few things you should consider. Whether you’re in the midst of a custody battle in family court or your child has been taken by Child Protective Services, these tricks will help tip the scale in your favor. Remember, there are no guarantees. […]

If you’re in the mid-career stages, finding opportunities to further your education and expand your skillset may seem difficult. That’s why taking an online course can be so beneficial. Online courses give you added flexibility as long as you complete them in a timely manner. They can also serve as an excellent skills test. Here

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Poor or inadequate employee performance can have a number of causes. As a leader of your organization, it’s up to you to address any problems and turn things around, and to do so without jumping to conclusions. But where do you start? Understand the “why” First, you have to understand what’s behind the performance problem. While

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The automotive industry is full of potential for newcomers. From diesel mechanics to service technicians to dealers and beyond, there’s plenty of room for new talent in the industry. Whether you’re looking to pursue your Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technician Status or are looking for smart methods of car shipping and auto

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Orthopedic treatments may be beneficial after a medical incident. You want to ensure proper healing. Keep in mind, every surgical procedure involves its own set of inherent risks and you may have even signed a patient’s consent form. If you are the victim of a failed surgery, specifically a procedure that had avoidable mistakes, you’re likely

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Mental health counseling is a popular field for those who are interested in helping others overcome difficult life situations, emotional problems, and developmental issues. But for aspiring counselors and psychologists, figuring out exactly what they want to do with their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree can be the most difficult aspect of launching their career.

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While everyone can make small and significant professional and personal mistakes, some errors, such as those made by healthcare and medical professionals, can be so severe they cause adverse side effects, pain, and in some cases, death. Physicians and medical professionals take oaths to uphold ethics when caring for patients and to avoid causing them harm. Still,

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