If nothing else, COVID-19 has shown us how much we can accomplish from the comfort of our homes. Home-based businesses were a growing trend before the pandemic, but they’ve become even more popular with people having to adjust to “sheltering in place” and other pandemic-based measures. Starting a business from home could be the right […]

Personal finance aficionados and budgeting beginners alike can benefit from new tips and tools for managing your money. But it isn’t as simple as just downloading the latest personal finance app. From comparing insurance policies and providers to upgrading your home and landscape design in thoughtful ways, you can improve your financial situation, increase the

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While most people have heard of and are even required to carry homeowners insurance, renters insurance remains somewhat of a mystery for others. But a good renters insurance policy will cover your belongings in the same ways a homeowner policy does; providing you with peace of mind. To learn more about renters insurance or to

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When you start a business at home, you are eliminating the overhead costs of an office or facility, but you are taking on the burden of your work and home life constantly overlapping. It may also feel impossible to scale your business while running it from home, but it’s not impossible. You may not be

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Several possible ways exist for someone to be the victim of a personal injury or incur trouble at no fault of their own, unfortunately. A personal injury generally refers to any bodily harm, illness, or property damage a person experiences resulting from someone else’s negligence. Some examples of incidents that may constitute a personal injury

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New business ventures are an exciting time in the life of an entrepreneur. No matter what industry you are entering, the trials of launching a new corporate entity can be both daunting and intensely rewarding at the same time. However these first months and years can be incredibly destabilizing for the checkbook, and finances are

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The Covid-19 crisis that has gripped the entire world’s population is also wreaking devastating havoc upon personal finance habits. We have all had to cut back extensively on our spending as a result of the reduced work hours available, layoffs and furloughs, and additional expenditures as a result of our new work-from-home schedules. Navigating the hazards of

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When we’re young, our parents take care of us. They hold us close and wash our face when we’ve been crying, bring us tea and medicine when we’re sick, and ease our pain when our hearts have been broken. That’s what parents are for. Truthfully, this job is never really done. Even when we’re adults, many of

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