Whether you’re a passionate hiker or enjoy the occasional trip to the beach, nature likely has a calming effect on you. And this isn’t a coincidence. The mental health benefits of nature are backed by science, so you’re enjoying some major benefits every time you breathe in fresh air.  ThisContinue Reading

Personal injury law, sometimes referred to as tort law, is the practice of protecting individuals and their property from injury or harm due to another person’s actions or lack of action. In a successful personal injury case, the other party is deemed to be “at fault,” regardless of whether theContinue Reading

After a plaintiff files a claim, they are responsible for serving papers to each defendant. This is known as the service of process and is required before the initial proceedings of any lawsuit. The service of process ensures that each defendant is made aware of any claims filed against them.Continue Reading

If you’re dreaming of a nice Midwestern life, then Kansas City could be the place for you. The city offers plenty of culture and great food, but you’re not going to pay as much to live in a place like Kansas City as you would on the coasts. That said,Continue Reading

Most Americans have to hit the road from time to time, if not every single day. Even though fewer Americans are commuting by car these days, a full 83 percent of us still do! And then there are the many people who use cars on their own property and toContinue Reading

The best way for any business to learn about themselves is through the customer’s lens. Surveys are an effective method for gleaning useful feedback and critiques about performance and quality of service. This is especially true for property managers. Learning first-hand from current and previous tenants will show strengths andContinue Reading

Chances are, when you last went to your local liquor store, you saw bottles upon bottles of wine. While it is common to see wine served in restaurants and at your own dinner table, what isn’t common is knowing the incredible history behind this drink. Wine is seen all overContinue Reading

Like many first-world nations, Australia has a public health insurance system that is funded through taxes. Under their system, all citizens have access to free or low cost healthcare. Their healthcare system is designed to ensure that all citizens receive a basic standard of medical care, but citizens and migrantsContinue Reading

There’s a long history of medical discoveries that were at first ignored or mocked, only to be revered once the tools were perfected. The opposite is also true. Some inventions were lauded at their conception then banned after the realization they didn’t work. As technology makes life easier and longer,Continue Reading